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XML Evaluating Knowledge Management Tools on the Basis of Customization using Fuzzy Approach
Kouroush Jenab
Abstract -   Full Text (DOC)
XML Cockpit Crew Pairing Problem in Airline Scheduling: Shortest Path with Resources Constraints Approach
Mohammad Reisi, Ghasem Moslehi
Abstract -   Full Text (DOC)
XML Price Competition Between Two Leader-Follower Supply Chains, A Case Study
Mohammad Azari Khojasteh, Mohammad Reza Amin-Naseri, Isa Nakhai Kamal Abadi
Abstract -   Full Text (PDF)
XML Stochastic Approach to Vehicle Routing Problem: Development and Theories
Yahia Zare Mehrjerdi
Abstract -   Full Text (DOC)
XML Application of Decision on Beliefs for Fault Detection in uni-variate Statistical Process Control
mohammad saber fallah nezhad
Abstract -   Full Text (DOC)
XML An EPQ Model of Exponential Deterioration With Fuzzy Demand and Production With Shortages
Sanchita Sarkar, Tripti Tripti Chakrabarti
Abstract -   Full Text (PDF)
XML Customer Lifetime Value Models: A literature Survey
MohammadJafar Tarokh, Mahsa EsmaealiGookeh
Abstract -   Full Text (DOCX)
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