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Personal Data


Professional Experience



Personal Data

Mir Mehdi Seyyed Esfahani

 Place & date of birth: Tabriz ?Iran


 Marital Status: Married / 4 children



 Year major University/Country Degree

 1977 I.E Bradford/England Ph.D

 1973 O.R. " " M.B.A

 1972 I.E Sharif Univ./Iran B.S.


 Professional Experience:

 -Assistant Prof. (I.E.,O.R,Q.C)

 Amir kabir University of Tech. (1977-New)

 -Head of I.E. Faculty

 Amir Kabir University 1978-1980

 -Head of trusty of Mazandaran

 University of Science & Technology

 -A.P.O Director for Iran 1984-1990

 -Deputy Minister for Research and Training.

 Ministry of Heavy Industry 1982-1990.

 -Chancellor of Tarbiat Modarres Univ. (T.M.U)1991-Now.

 -Chancellor of Khadje Nasyer Univ. of Technology.

 -Member of Board of Trusty of T.M.U. 1991 ? Now.

 -Member of Board of Trusty of the High Technology Center 1991-Now.

 -President of ICMS.

 Teaching and Research Experience:

 -Operations Research and Quality Control for since 1978.

 -Adv.O.R. for M.S and Ph.D courses.

 -Reliability Eng. For M.S and Ph.D courses.

  -Quantitive methode for Ph.D courses since 1990.

  -Supervision of M.S. student since 1989 (More than 50 projects in the field of

  productivity and I.E.)

  -Supervising 4 Ph.D students as Extramural Program by cooperation of Bradford

  Univ. As External Supervision.

  -Supervising a Ph.D student as local of by cooperation of Swinburn Univ.

  -Supervising Ph.D students in the field of I.E and management.



  -Dynamic Programming with Management Applications.

  M.S. Esfahani Published in Iran 1980.

  -Production and Operations Management , University copy 1988.

  -Reliability Systems Engineering Paper Submithed to Reliability and oruality

  Conference Bradford , April.1977.

  -Reliability Analysis , Computerised Approaches for the Investigation of

  time- to-Failure behaviour , Submithed to the University of Bradford.

  -Inference from Accelerated life tests when the shape Parameter is constant .

  Reliability Symposium Bradford , 1975.

  -Inference from Accelerated life tests using Eyring Reparamterization , 1976.

  -A New Method of Estimating weibull Distribution Parameters by Solution of

  system of Nonlinear Eduations Using a modified Quasilineariztion Algorithem ,


  -An Introduction to operations Research 1981 in Frasi.

  -Technology Development and Decision Process Approaches M.S. Esfahani &

  A.Fath Ali Published in Iran 1993.



  - . An inventory model under uncertain inflationary conditions, finite production

  rate and inflation-dependent demand rate for deteriorating items with shortages . ,

  Research Policy(ISI),2008.

  - . Looking for systematic approach to select chaos tests . , Applied Mathematics

  and Computation (ISI), Volume 198, Issue 1,2008.

  - - . A goal attainment model for transmission expansion planning using a meta

  heuristic technique . , IRANIAN JOURNAL OF SCIENCE AND



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