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Linear Profile Monitoring in the Presence of Non-Normality and Autocorrelation (58876 Views)
A New Mathematical Approach based on Conic Quadratic Programming for the Stochastic Time-Cost Tradeoff Problem in Project Management (48653 Views)
Numerical Analysis of Opposed Rows of Coolant Jets Injected into a Heated Crossflow (46715 Views)
Experimental Study and Three-Dimensional Numerical Flow Simulation in a Centrifugal Pump when Handling Viscous Fluids (45601 Views)
Quantitative Non-diagonal Regulator Design for Uncertain Multivariable System with Hard Time-domain Constraints (41162 Views)
A novel technique to solve the supplier selection problem: combination of decision making trial and evaluation laboratory and graph theory and matrix approach methods (37862 Views)
A New Approach for Supplier Selection Process from the Features of Second Layer Suppliers Point of View (36495 Views)
Study of Gas Environment Impacts on Volumetric Coal Matrix Changes (33393 Views)
A Fuzzy Approach For Multi-Objective Supplier Selection (32098 Views)
A Complex Design of the Integrated Forward-Reverse Logistics Network under Uncertainty (29389 Views)
Phase II logistic profile monitoring (23839 Views)
Taftan Pozzolan-Based Geopolymer Cement (22235 Views)
Investigating Effect of Autocorrelation on Monitoring Multivariate Linear Profiles (21045 Views)
A New Approach to Solve Multiple Objective Programming Problems (20499 Views)
Learning FCM by Data Mining in a Purchase System (20310 Views)
The Petrov-Galerkin Method and Chebyshev Multiwavelet Basis for Solving Integro-Differential Equations (18978 Views)
An Integrated Queuing Model for Site Selection and Inventory Storage Planning of a Distribution Center with Customer Loss Consideration (18169 Views)
A Mathematical Programming Model for Flow Shop Scheduling Problems for Considering Just in Time Production (17543 Views)
A Genetic Algorithm and a Model for the Resource Constrained Project Scheduling Problem with Multiple Crushable Modes (17300 Views)
A Threshold Accepting Algorithm for Partitioning Machines in a Tandem Automated Guided Vehicle (17044 Views)
Cutoff grades optimization with environmental management A case study: Sungun Copper Project (17018 Views)
Determination of a Desirable Inventory Policy in a three Echelon Multilayer Supply Chain with Normal Demand (16637 Views)
Hot Spot Stress Determination for a Tubular T-Joint under Combined Axial and Bending Loading (16540 Views)
The Economic Lot Scheduling Problem in Flow Lines with Sequence-Dependent Setups (16346 Views)
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Determination of Ultimate Pit Limits in Open Mines Using Real Option Approach (13588 Downloads)
Mining the Banking Customer Behavior Using Clustering and Association Rules Methods (12981 Downloads)
Hot Spot Stress Determination for a Tubular T-Joint under Combined Axial and Bending Loading (9799 Downloads)
Deployment of Interpretive Structural Modelling Methodology in Supply Chain Management –An overview (9362 Downloads)
Six Sigma: literature review and implications for future research (9347 Downloads)
A dynamic risk analysis on new product development process (9022 Downloads)
­­Image Segmentation using Gaussian Mixture Model (8770 Downloads)
A Mathematical Programming Model for Flow Shop Scheduling Problems for Considering Just in Time Production (8596 Downloads)
RFID: A Bibliographical Literature Review with Future Research Directions (7741 Downloads)
Customer Lifetime Value Models: A literature Survey (7703 Downloads)
An Improved WAGNER-WHITIN Algorithm (7304 Downloads)
Solving Flexible Job Shop Scheduling with Multi Objective Approach (7013 Downloads)
Mechanical Properties Characterization of Biax and Triax Composites Based on Limited Experimental Data (6360 Downloads)
Measuring and Predicting Customer Lifetime Value in Customer Loyalty Analysis: A Knowledge Management Perspective (A Case Study on an e-Retailer) (6342 Downloads)
Estimation of Parameters of the Power-Law-Non-Homogenous Poisson Process in the Case of Exact Failures Data (5511 Downloads)
Drill string Vibration Modeling Including Coupling Effects (5469 Downloads)
Cutoff grades optimization with environmental management A case study: Sungun Copper Project (5316 Downloads)
A Fuzzy Approach For Multi-Objective Supplier Selection (5294 Downloads)
Geometry Definition and Contact Analysis of Spherical Involute Straight Bevel Gears (5260 Downloads)
Particle Size Effects on Hydro-Cyclone Performance (5052 Downloads)
Issues in Biodiesel Production: A Review and an Approach for Design of Manufacturing Plant with Cost and Capacity Perspective (4923 Downloads)
Physical Determination of Permeability Variation With Porosity For Composite Performs (4890 Downloads)
A Fuzzy TOPSIS Method Based on Left and Right Scores (4827 Downloads)
Active Suspension System in Parallel Hybrid Electric Vehicles (4821 Downloads)
An Approach for Accident Forecasting Using Fuzzy Logic Rules: A Case Mining of Lift Truck Accident Forecasting in One of the Iranian Car Manufacturers (4799 Downloads)
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