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XML Class-Based Storage: Bibliometric analysis for Research Mapping
Nur Iftitah, Qurtubi Qurtubi, Muchamad Sugarindra
XML Bibliometric Analysis of Global Research Trends and Future Research Directions on Social Presence
Yulin Wan, Md Nor Khalil Bin, Biyuan Lyu, Wei Feng
XML The State-of-the-art Hybrid Approaches in Regression Testing
Muhammad Asim Siddique
XML Markowitz Revisited: Addressing Ambiguity as an Important Parameter in Portfolio Optimization
Seyed Erfan Mohammadi, Emran Mohammadi, Ahmad Makui, Kamran Shahanaghi
XML Understanding the Interplay of Family Ownership, Board Composition, and Performance in Unlisted Family Businesses
Nawar Muneer J. Algthami, Nazimah Hussin
XML Single machine preemptive scheduling Considering Energy Consumption and Predicting Machine failures with Data Mining Approach
Ali Qorbani, Yousef Rabbani, Reza Kamranrad
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