Volume 29, Issue 2 (IJIEPR 2018)  

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  • Developing an integrated model to plan and schedule surgeries and surgeons simultaneously.
  • Considering legal constraints and job qualification of surgeons, and priority of patients.
  • Considering the availability of post-anesthesia recovery beds, surgeons, and operating rooms.
  • Using data envelopment analysis to select the best solution among the Pareto solutions.
  • Applying the proposed approach to a real case study.

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- Examining the suitable financing methods with considering risk for New Technology Based Firms (NTBFs)
- Using risk adjusted net present value for knowledge-based projects.
- Presenting partnership scenario for financing NTBFs.

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  • Integrating covering routing, selective routing and inventory routing problem in bloodmobile routing problem.
  • Considering the inventory management rules of Iranian Blood Transfusion Organization in the bloodmobile routing problem.
  • Presenting a scenario based two-stage stochastic programming for proposed model.

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  • Propose a special case of 2E-LRP in cash-in-transit sector combining multiple real-life variants such as multi-echelon, multi-period, capacitated vehicles and distribution centers, different time windows and different conflict objective functions to tackle realistic problems. Then, a mathematical mixed-integer linear programming for this rich LRP is formulated. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first mandatory step to apply the model in real-life problems and, on the other hand, a model with just few constraints even with the best solution approaches cannot be applicable in real-world problems.
  • Exploit a solution approach for optimizing the multi-objective mixed integer linear problem with large integer coefficients in order to find the location and number of intermediate facilities among candidate ones, the number of vehicles in each type and in each echelon, the amount of commodities received from the Central Bank and delivered to open logistics center and bank branches/ATMs.

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  • Considering simultaneous dynamic cell formation and cell layouts in continuous space.
  • Considering the machine reliability with an exponential distribution time between failures.
  • Considering the actual location of machines and cells regarding dimensions of facilities.
  • Minimizing the number of exceptional elements, the total cost of parts relocations and cell reconfigurations.
  • Proposing the GA and PSO to solve the given problem.
  • Comparing the results obtained by the proposed meta-heuristics with those of GAMS.

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  • Proposing a mathematical model for an integrated air transportation and production scheduling problem under fuzzy considerations;
  • Introducing two recent metaheuristics called Keshtel Algorithm (KA) and Virus Colony Search (VCS);
  • Confirming the performance of KA and efficiency of proposed model through a set of analyses

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  • A method for reliability allocation of series-parallel system was investigated by taking into consideration the priorities and real potential of reliability improvement.
  • Reliability allocation of redundant systems was investigated by taking CCF into consideration.
  • Using the proposed method, the improved failure rate for CCF was determined.
  • The proposed method can be beneficial for system designers in conceptual design processes in order to ensure the achievement of goal reliability in practical fashion
  • The proposed method was run for a water pumping system, and some strategies were proposed to reduce CCF occurrence rate.

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  • Proposing a method to predict the time and cost at completion of the project under uncertainty.
  • Assuming the time and cost of the project activities are randomly determined by a statistical distribution.
  • Using Earned Value Management (EVM) indicators to project monitoring and control.
  • Using Monte Carlo simulation to generate the “universe” of possible projects.
  • Applying Artificial neural network (ANN) To predict cost and duration of the project.

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